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Fri, May. 16th, 2008, 05:06 pm
Three forty.

Three Hundred, Twelve days. Thats how long in the past two years I've spent under water separated from everyone.

Three Hundred, Forty Days of my life total have been spent below the waves.

I just re-enlisted.

My support systems shot, I don't know where
I'm going and let's be honest, I'm not going to score high enough on any test to ever be anything.

So heres to life as a dirty blue shirt,

Always working hard.

Always wanting what he cant have.

I left the poor white poverty level behind but I still maintain that "I'll never be better then what I am" standard.




Fri, May. 16th, 2008, 08:11 am
What do I do?

Numbers. Life is controlled by numbers.

3 years, 9 months, and 6 days. Total time in active service.

Time remaining untill I get out or re-up? 5 years, 11 months, 29 days.

05/14/2014--- Discharge time. Unless I re-enlist again.

11 months until I leave here. Where to? I don't know.

Stay here? Go to another boat? Hawaii? California? Japan? Australia? Virginia? Georgia? North Carolina? Fuck I wish I knew. I doubt the south is going to be where I go.

Instructor duty, maintenance duty, recruiting duty, special projects duty, I.A. Duty.

Who knows?

STA-21? Lets hope.

Four months ago I knew exactly what I was going to do when it came time for me to leave the Pennsylvania.

Not so much now.

I'm single, no debt, no kids, nothing. Send me to the desert in the place of someone who has a family that needs him.

I had it all planned.

Now I have to re-plan.

Oh well.

Go Go Navy.


Wed, May. 14th, 2008, 01:51 am
For those that don't remember.....

Remember Sir Mix-A-Lot from back in the day? Yeah. He was from WA, Seattle area I believe. He had a song called Bremelo. For those that don't know, I live in the City of Bremerton. See the connection? Yeah. I used to sing this song as a kid, because I liked Sir Mix-A-Lot, when I heard that song play yesterday, it was the first time in years and I just died laughing. So here are ya, and yes the Mix-A-Lot makes a navy reference.

Sir Mix-A-Lot ---- Bremelo

Here's a gory kinda story, 'bout an obese freak
With a forty inch waist and a ten inch beak,
Overweight and out of shape with a triple chin,
Her brassiere strikes fear in the hearts of men,

The Girls a bremelo
The Girls a bremelo

Me and Terry hopped a ferry, we were lookin Swass
When a dip hit the ship we were almost tossed
It was a big bremelo standing on my toe,
An enormous jelly-belly tryin' to say hello
I was really kinda frightened as she looked my way,
I tried to run because here buns made the ferry sway
To be blunt she was fat and ready for combat
On the way to Bremerton where the fat is at,
The Girls a bremelo.

Let's Go!

I'm not fakin' or mistaken' 'bout the big ol' duck,
She had hairy underarms and a whoppin' gut,
Her hair was short and wavy, drove my pit bull crazy,
A Bremerton beast chasin' fella's in the Navy,
At the movie she's the feature, the Bremerton creature,
Ya' wear a life jacket if ya ever try and freak her
Look at her physique, she ain't my kinda freak,
The floor creaks when the beast starts reaching her peak
The Girls a bremelo.
She's just a bremelo.

Change the beat!

You can't ignore the way she snores 'cuz she blows down doors,
Baby's got the kinda face only a mother adores,
A big basket ball head, with her ten inch feet,
Big lips, No hips, with the smell of a beast,
I couldn't put her in my Caddy or my tranny would break,
I've heard of dirt because of poverty, but she took the cake,
When it comes to Kool-Aid©, the girl would drink it in pints,
Ya go to school for twenty years and ya still in the ninth?
Ya just a bremelo.
Just a bremelo.

You big, triple chinned, unattractive duck,
Ya boyfriend beats freaks up to make a buck,
Hangin' 'round Third & Pike on a ten speed bike,
you could say that I'm a liar, but ya know I'm right
Ya talk behind my back because I dropped you flat,
And ya never take a shower 'cuz ya too damn fat
So ya man was smart when he broke your heart
Because if Mix-A-Lot'd cut cha youd'a fell apart
Wearing Polyester© slacks with elastic in the back
You could flatten Schwarzenegger in a wrestling match
Ya got lips like a character in some cartoon
With a pink posterior ya big baboon
Ya just a (Elephant Trumpet)
(Elephant Trumpet)

Now Bremerton's a city right outside of mine,
Most girls there are ducks but a few are fine
But the ones that I speak about, use their face ta catch a trout,
Vacuum cleaners for a mouth, You know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Mud Ducks, Hockey Pucks, Drivers of Mack© trucks,
Lame brains, Deisel Trains, pick them up you have to strain,
Big Butt, Crew Cut, Extra-Ordinary Gut,
Big Mamma kinda butt, facial hair is kinda rough

Wed, May. 14th, 2008, 01:45 am

So everyones worried about Nathan.

He's been drinking more then normal, and acting extremely out of character.

On one side, he's been avoiding being the "typical" Navy guy for four years. Maybe he is finally converting to that life.

Maybe he's dealing with his issues the only way he can, hes not surrounded by the most sensitive people right now so crying on someones shoulder is out.

Phone calls have to end. Thats the rules. You make them, pass the info, and they end. Thats the rules.

And it makes Nathan very sad when his friends that arnt in WA have to get off the phone.

But I would like to state, Nathan will be fine. Drinking will not become habitual. And hopefully he won't return to the asshole he used to be.

And for the laughs, I was cruising in the xplorer today listening to my Zune, and I'm seeing all these chicks, and the song "Bremelo" comes on.

I laughed.

Made me happy.

Wed, May. 7th, 2008, 10:03 pm

Tsss, sss, ssst

The copperhead warning stalked me all through the night.

I woke the next morning at 0730, and rolled over. I woke every 15 minutes till 1130 when I finally rose and showered. I went to Doc and shared my expierences, and he checked me out. He stated my eyes were ok, but with everything going on in my personal life he was worried about me.

I asked, "Doc are you saying that I might be Sub Disqualed?"

Well it would only serve you right, in your condition who are you going to save?

Doc said, "Of course not, your strong, I'm just worried about you ship mate."

Tsss, sss, ssst.

I went to work, and chipped, and grinded as the copperhead warning rang in my ears. I left work early because there was nothing left to do and to ignore the warning I started drinking.

I haven't drank like this since I was in high school. Good conversations were had. All I could think about was Vegas. Good people, good friends, good ribs, and good beer. That was my evening, but it had to end.

As soon as the phone was put on the charger and all my friends from back east were asleep it came back.

Tsss, sss, sst was all that was waking for me when I ended my phone call.

"Damn you" I uttered.

What bothered me most was the fact I didn't get a response for the rest of the night.

~Mr. Saint

Tue, May. 6th, 2008, 10:01 pm

I ran.

I ran till my feet split and my lungs burned. I felt the heat in my chest, and searing of stomach acid.

I ran still. I ran till my dinner ended up as puppy chow on the side of the road. I looked like a heroine addict. Blood shot eyes, vomit on my cut up sweat shirt. Hair wild.

I ran more, till my legs couldn't run. I ended up laying on my back looking at the sky. Ended up on my back at the golf course, Hole number two. No stars shined, this wasn't the hole 2 that I remember. I was far away from there.

I heard a laugh. "Tsss, sss, ssst" Sounded a lot like a copperhead with it's warning. I didn't bother to look, I just laid there as my body was on the edge of cardiac arrest.

I see how your life has turned out since you turned your back on me. How are you doing Mr. Saint?

I sighed, and coughed, because the sigh, the physical expression of aggravation broke my breathing and caused me to choke on my lack of air.

I regained myself, as best I could. "I'm doing well, and how are you my old friend?"

Friend? Funny you should still call me that. I'm fine, business as usual. Hows the family? Both present and future?

I looked at him now, still as I remembered him. "You should know. Its in tatters, and you did just say for you its business as usual."

Now, now, you don't honestly think I caused any of this do you? Maybe if you hadn't turned your back on me, I could of been there to watch out for you. This was your choosing.

I punched the ground, and stood. I forget about the pain in my legs and turned to walk away. "Your probably right, as usual, but oh well. I am a glutton for punishment. This is just me paying for what I've done."

Oh? I thought your knew friend already paid for that, I guess his back is still turned to you.

I ignored my old friend, and I went home, between a run and a jog doing the best I could. I went into my room-mates room and stole one of his clove cigarettes. 'Black' I could only think about how I've only seen emo kids and goth smoke these. "Black, like my soul."

I went to the front porch and I fired it up. I looked at the burning cherry and thought about how this was the first time since I was 13 that I had smoked. My grandfather caught me, tanned my hide, and now he has lung cancer. Strange. Here I am smoking. Unusual.

All I could hear for the rest of the night was that copperhead warning. "Tsss, ssss, sss."

~Mr. Saint

Mon, May. 5th, 2008, 11:06 am


When life has you down and you want some relief.


So.. Out of everything. Last weeks events, thursdays 24 hour flu. Today, I wake up with my eyes sealed shut with a layer of crust so thick I was thinking of selling it out to dominos.
Pink eye. What fuckin adult gets pinkeye?


~Mr. Naomh

Mon, Aug. 27th, 2007, 08:51 pm

Its weird. Three months away. I just earned my sea service ribbon for spending a shit ton of days away from home in a fiscal year. Three months, I can truly understand how inmates must feel once they get out of prison.

The main difference between I and them is they get to watch T.V. and there for are more upto date on current events.

I have no idea whats going on in the world.

I had no idea my father has been coughing up blood for two months.

I have forgotten that people cannot drive. I'm a bit timid behind the wheel. I've spent three months going 5 knots to no where, so going anything over a school zone speed limit makes me a bit nervous.

Food. Delicious greesy fastfood burgers turns my stomach into an expressway between my mouth and anus with no real digestion inbetween.

Civilians. You gotta actually be tactful when dealing with them. No telling them they're fuckheads, no matter how true it is.

Loved ones, gotta be even more gentle with them,

The first couple days back truly suck. I'm distant, people think I am always in throught, when all I am doing is trying to constantly remind myself that this is what truly is normal and that what I consider normal is skewed.

I need to adjust to this life again.

The sun hurts and is bright.

The air is hot, and makes your sweat.

I miss the boat already and its not even gone.

FT2 Naomh

Sun, Jun. 3rd, 2007, 11:02 am

Hey Guys,

Juss a quick little note to say I love you guys, and I'll be back in august.

Wish me a Happy Fourth, and a Happy birthday when the time comes.

Much Love,


Mon, May. 21st, 2007, 07:41 pm

As a new patrol is coming upon its departure date here soon... I feel an amount of bittersweet fondess with its arrival. It slightly changes me everytime I go sail beneath the waves. Its weird how it'll happen.

All of us sailor boys have demons.
Demons that haunt us only at 200 and below.
I sing "oh carolina why did you forsaken me?
if i wasnt meant to sail the sea, then why did you make me"
shouldve stayed with that old state. Shouldnt of ran away so fast.

The Pennsylvania's a bitch.
And her anchors cant even touch the bottom,
the bottom of a bathtub.

Its such a strange job,
playing black jack on the deck,
of this giant bottle drapped in black.
we quitely huddle with our missiles
and we miss the girls back home
oh home sweet home

Cuz, The Pennsylvania's a bitch, that wont take her dress off.
She'll kiss you even after your lips bleed.
But she will not take her dress off.

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