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Sun, Oct. 24th, 2010, 11:13 pm
No more cheating, No more excuses.

Hello Avid Readers,

Over the last few years I have made tremendous changes to my personality and way of life. I did not do this due to religion, relationships (I did get help from a relationship but did not change for the relationship), or anything else. I did it for me. Well now its time to make a physical change.

I have been in below average shape all of my life. I was not an active teenager, and being a submariner I have not been an active member of the us armed forces. In terms of military shape I am borderline F.E.P.

I've done the crash diets, and the caffeine infused weight loss pills and I am sick of the binging when I stumble from starving myself on 800 calories a day like a fool.

So now it's time to actually change my life style, instead of dieting.

I have developed a 9 step program, each step to represent a week but due to my current military schedule I cannot realistically stick to this schedule each week. So if I miss a step I will evaluate where I am at and go back a few steps as needed.

Step 1- 2 miles/day, m/w/f. 4x15 push ups, 3x10 sit ups, circuit style.

Step 2- 2 miles/day, m/w/f. 5x20 push ups, 4x15 sit ups, 3x3 overhand pull ups.

Step 3- Elliptical 60 mins. m/w/f. 5x25 push ups, 4x20 sit ups, 4x3 overhand pull ups.

Step 4- 3 miles/day, m/w/f. 5x25 push ups, 4x20 sit ups, 4x3 overhand pull ups.

Step 5/6- 2/m,3/t,4/th,2/f. 6x25 push ups, 5x20 sit ups, 4x4 overhand pull ups, 2x8 underhand pull ups. m/w/f.

Step 7/8- 3/m,4/t,5/th,2/f. 6x30 push ups, 5x30 sit ups, 4x5 overhand pull ups, 2x10 underhand pull ups. m/w/f.

Step 9- 3/m,4/t,5/th,2/f. 6x35 push ups, 5x35 sit ups, 5x5 overhand pull ups, 3x10 underhand pull ups. m/w/f.

The goals are simple,

Weight- 170lbs.
1 1/2 mile run time- Under 11 min.
Push ups - 75+ in two minutes.
Sit ups- 75+ in two minutes.

Once I have completed all nine steps I am thinking of starting back at step 1 and going back through while wearing a weighted vest. We will see what happens.

As I complete each step, I will document it here and in my work out log. For every slip up I have on my diet I will also annotate.

I am not hoping for a quick weight loss scheme, I am hoping to become physically fit and a healthy eater.

Tomorrow starts day one of step one.

Let's do this.