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Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2010, 01:36 pm
Embrace the Suck.

Hello Dear Followers,

It has been some time hasn't it? Your digital die hard is here once again to spread his idea of philosophy.

It has been some time since I updated this here journal, and I due to a lot of changes in my life I feel the need to write some thoughts down. Since my hand cramps after a few pages, and my handwriting sucks, I'm here to type it all out.

I'm married to a beautiful woman that I can't be with right now. I'm a sailor currently living on an Army base. I'm a submariner training to do some time in the desert.

Being stationed here at Fort Sill OK is what I'd imagine purgatory being. It's not that bad, and it's not good. I spend my week days going to school for four hours a day, and then off for twenty. This in itself is awesome, however also during the week I am not allowed off base, or to wear civilian clothing. Weekends I am allowed off base but I am not allowed to drink. I have a curfew on Sunday evening to insure I'm back, and sober.

Being here is a test of my patience. I have no form of release other then working out, I have no support system other then a phone which is my only connection to my bride. Like the subject line says; Embrace the suck.

On a side tangent, people look at that statement as negative. It's not. People who go through life feeling that they need to be happy about everything they do, every job they're given, everything are fools. Sometimes things that need to be done suck, but because they need to be done you have to do it. Trudge through, get it done, move on. Simple. Bitch if you need to, but don't become a bitch in the process. Embrace the suck, and keep on rolling.

My wife, I'm not sad that I am away from her. I'm not depressed. Which I wish was a good thing, but it isn't. I am empty, and cold. Things I normally would immensely enjoy, I barely crack a smile at. LMAO has become Heh. Life isn't as good when I can't share it with her.

I am extremely happy that I learned this though. It comforts me, and reinforces the fact I made a smart decision by marrying her. She is my soul mate, my other half. She makes everything better, and I have my eye on the prize being with her again when this year and three months are over.

I look at how much I have grown in the past few years, and am proud. I changed my name, and chose Naomh (neev) which is Gaelic for saint/holy. Naomh is not a surname, at least not from what I've found which is another reason why I chose it as my own. With that, I took it, changed the pronunciation to a more American-English version and redefined it.

I fully accept that I am an American Mutt, and couldn't be prouder. Naomh (Nā-ōm) for me, and as it stands for my blood line represents change. Evolution. Always progressing towards betterment of thyself and family.

"Work hard, keep your nose cleaned, and make me proud." -- I'm trying. I really am.

I think I am out of steam, so I shall end this my dear readers.

May your days be long and bountiful.

Mr. Naomh