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Mon, Jul. 21st, 2008, 09:04 am
Can being dumped, be the best thing thats ever happened to you?

Its a question, that I am finding the answer to be yes.

I made a promise underway that I would get out and do things this summer, because last summer we had together was spent in a barracks room due to fundage and a total lack of motivation on my part.

Well, with that promise, and my relationship status, I've had the greatest summer since I joined the navy.

The bike, the friends, and the sound, its been awesome.

I spent a total of thirty minutes at home this weekend. Got off work Friday after P.T., came home, showered and left. Went and partied up in shoreline and Seattle with some friends, got about three hours of sleep before I was up and going again. I came home Saturday long enough for a shower, and change of underwear. I put on the same clothes I just took off to save time. Got the bike, and was gone again.

Saturday was the Toby Kieth concert, which was awesome. Afterwards I had plenty of time to come home for a good nights rest, Yeah Fuck that. I went driving up to seattle and got my drink on. By the time I remembered I should get home the ferry's were done running for the day. So I drove up to woodinville where Murf lives but couldnt find his place, and I didn't bother calling.

I fell asleep in a park, using my bike as a bed. Go Go me. Sunday went to the club meeting, cooked out, and relaxed. Finally made it home sometime sunday evening.

My arms are tanned and cut. I look great in a sleeveless shirt, my debt is gone, my paycheck is fat.

I am finally having the time of my life.

I once heard, and repeated many times, to truly know happiness you have to know despair. Yeah, I can agree with that.

I got dumped, went through two whiskey weeks, and now I'm on top of the world.

I'll be 23 this year, and thanks to me being such an awesome guy Lore's coming to the west coast to check out the space needle right around that time. Now isnt that such a swell coincidence?

Well I have to go get an ultrasound on my nuts now, so you guys have a good one.

Nathan Motherfuckin' "Santa" Naomh